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Does your home need to be repiped? Both older and new homes can experience significant pipe problems, but you’re more likely to experience major failures in older houses. When the pressure setting for your pipes is too strong, or if the water in your house has a high mineral content, you’re more likely to have problems with your pipes. Repiping is only done when there are no alternative options available, since the process can be particularly invasive, and take a while. As the problem progresses, you’ll of course see leaking, but in some cases, rust contamination is also a large concern! To prevent breaking piping in addition to major water leaks, make sure to call one of our professional Salt Lake City plumbers at the first indications that your piping is suffering from old age.

Mr. Expert Plumbing is the preferred choice for Salt Lake City repiping projects. If you think repiping makes sense for you, contact our team of Salt Lake City plumbers today!

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