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Gas line leaks are uncommon, but can be extremely dangerous. If you smell gas in your home, evacuate the building and call 911 immediately. Natural gas buildup in an enclosed area can cause illness or even an explosion. Gas pipe leaks can also happen outside the home and are equally as dangerous. Before doing any job that requires digging outdoors, homeowners should call their local utility company – Mr. Expert’s Salt Lake City gas line pros can help – to identify and mark the gas lines before digging begins.

Natural gas has a “rotten egg” odor that’s been added to warn us of a leak. If you smell this distinctive odor in your home, please do the following:
  • Do not use your cell phone until safely out of the house
  • Shut off gas valves at your home
  • Do not turn on or off any electrical appliances
  • Do not smoke or use any open flame
  • Do not attempt to locate the leak
  • Get a safe distance away from the house, and then call 911 and the utility company
  • If a natural gas line is damaged when digging outside, call your local utility company immediately or our Salt Lake City plumbers. Do not attempt a gas line repair
  • After the appropriate authorities have been contacted, contact Mr. Expert plumbing experts for professional repair or installation of gas lines in your property.

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