Plumbing's not always glorious. If you have any plumbing issues, reach out and let us know. Homeowners and Businesses call Mr. Expert Plumbing for their plumbing needs; we offer the very best plumbing repair services in all of Salt Lake City area. We are the trusted name for cost-effective plumbing repair services. We are licensed and insured plumbing repair professionals specializing in finding and fixing plumbing issues. We are on call for plumbing emergencies Seven days a week, 24 hours a day. Whether you need plumbing repairs, installations or renovations, we respond promptly and complete most jobs the same day. Read more!
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Our licensed plumbers locate and repair plumbing issues throughout the entire house including finding pipes with low water pressure, locating and fixing pipes that have water leaking, repairing high water pressure pipes, cleaning slow draining tub or slow draining sinks, pin-pointing hot water issues, discovering the origins of strange smelling water or irregular color of water, repairing running toilets or leaking faucets and clearing blocked drains. Call Mr. Expert Plumbing today and have an expert plumbing repair tech at your door same day!
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Water heaters get quite a workout in most homes. Based on manufacturer's suggested service life, the life expectancy of a water heater is about 10 to 15 years. All water heaters need repairs or replacement after they serve for so long. Knowing when to install a new water heater depends on age, condition, and budget. Traditional water heaters typically have a 10-15 year life even then, after 10 years the efficiency dramatically drops especially on tank type. If your water heater is less than 10 years old, a water heater repair may be the best option. New water heater installation can save you money over the life of the equipment. New water heater models are up to 20% more efficient. Although many water heater repairs are minor, if the tank is more than 10 years old, or if it is leaking, it may be time for new water heater installation. Read more!
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  • Up front prices to save you money
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  • Your water heater will work!!
  • You will have a happy water heater
  • Same day service available all the time
  • Your water heater will be installed up to code
  • We answer your calls even after hours
Here are some sign that your water heater needs attention:
  • Hot water turning cold faster than it used to
  • Rust-colored water coming out of your faucets
  • Rust forming on top of your water heater
  • Wet floor or walls near your water heater
  • Popping noises coming from your water heater while the water is being heated
  • Water heater Service
  • Water heater Maintenance
  • Water heater Repair
  • Water heater Installation
If you are considering a new hot water heater, or your existing system is beyond repair give us a call we have some of the great deals on new systems. Not only can we provide the latest systems, bring them to your door and provide a full installation TODAY, we can even take your old hot water heater away. We can also help you with FREE friendly advice on choosing the right system for your home, lifestyle and budget.
  • Is your gas or electric water heater not heating?
  • You knew you had to replace your water heater but!!
  • Is your water heater heating not heating that all?
  • Do you have a water heater leaking?
  • Do you need a water heater install today?
  • Are you already for a Tank-less water heater?
  • Will you need only a water heater repair?
  • Does your water heater expansion tank licks?
  • If you have any of this problems call Mr. Expert Plumbing today!! Read more......
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We are the Expert in full service clogged drain cleaning and rooter services as well as drain installation and drain repair in Utah. We are experts in drain cleaning and rooter services for customers throughout Utah. Whether you have clogged drains, damaged drains, basement flooding or flooding in other areas of your property, our Utah drain experts provide preventive drain solutions plans including unclogging drains, installation and repairs in Utah. Since 2002, Mr. Expert Plumbing has been providing drain cleaning, rooter services, drain installation and drain inspection services in Utah. Our great team enables us to provide rapid-response and a variety of solutions for all your Utah Drain Needs. Read more!
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Need reliable drain repair, drain installation or drain maintenance? Our Utah drain experts are licensed plumbers who have extensive drain service experience. Contact Mr. Expert Plumbing for same-day drain cleaning and repair services by our licensed and insured Utah drainage repair technicians. If you need reliable drain cleaning, rooter services, drain unclogging, blocked drain service, drain repair, drain installation or drain maintenance service, contact Mr. Expert Plumbing. Mr. Expert Plumbing has expert Utah drain techs, for same-day drain and rooter services by our licensed and insured plumbing repair technicians. Mr. Expert Plumbing provides residential and commercial drain and rooter services. Read More ......